Comprehensive Risk coverage

Supplier Integrity® is an innovative supply chain risk management solution that gives you visibility across 23 compliance risk areas throughout the supplier on-boarding process.

While many vendor management system claim to expose supplier risks, it is a check-the-box approach that does not provide real risk insights or a defensible audit trail.


Supplier risk Transparency

Every organization, even groups within an organization, have unique challenges that influence how compliance risks are assessed and remediation conducted.

Supplier Integrity® lets you look at risks broadly and prioritize what is important to your business. The dynamic workflow engine adjusts to supplier risk information collected throughout the on-boarding process, to ensure thorough supplier vetting.


Efficient Stakeholder engagement


Dynamic workflows within Supplier Integrity® let you engage the right stakeholders at the right time, to efficiently and seamlessly apply a risk based approach to assessing and quickly on-board suppliers and third parties.

The Supplier Integrity® platform connects stakeholders and coordinates on-boarding activities to create an effective, low-touch supplier risk assessment process. 


Based on EXPERT compliance advisory

Supplier Integrity® was built with the DNA of expert compliance advisory, providing both deep and broad risk assessments, letting your experts focus on only relevant risks.

The platform leverages the proprietary risk assessment methodology developed by The Red Flag Group® to protect your business from ethics, integrity and compliance risks.