Supplier Integrity® is a product of The Red Flag Group®  

The Red Flag Group® is a business intelligence and technology firm that helps clients make better decisions in selecting key stakeholders. We create customised and integrated compliance and risk solutions that add value to our client’s businesses.


The Red Flag Group’s focus is helping companies select great business partners, suppliers, customers and employees and avoiding costly mistakes. Over 900 major companies around the world trust The Red Flag Group to select their business partners and provide ratings, research and advice on risk.


  • Over 200 qualified compliance professionals
  • Over 100 technology-development professionals
  • Projects and experience in 194 countries
  • Expertise in 45 languages
  • 15 global offices across five continents
  • 12 years of profitable operations acting for large American, European and Asian multinational corporations


We manage the integrity and compliance risks across four key areas:


Planning, implementing, measuring and monitoring integrity across third party programmes


Establishing a risk based approach to selecting and managing the integrity of your suppliers


Ensuring your business is in compliance with regulatory requirements, customer and market expectations


Enabling transparency into your supply chain risk landscape, so that you can make informed decisions about suppliers and partners