Optimise Supplier Onboarding


The top goals for Procurement Officers are to reduce total lifecycle costs to onboard suppliers, and to avoid disruptive incidents with suppliers. We utilise Supplier Integrity® to manage supplier onboarding for you.

By outsourcing to us, we can reduce supplier onboarding time, save you costs, and help identify and select the most trustworthy, stable suppliers. We have a team of 200 compliance and business experts, who speak 45 languages, and have helped numerous organisations optimise their supplier onboarding processes globally.


How We Can Help: 

  • Receive requests to onboard new supplier from your procurement team

  • Initiate onboarding using Supplier Integrity®

  • Conduct compliance screenings

  • Issue questionnaires to suppliers

  • Review key supplier documentation

  • Inform you of issues and red flags

  • Update supplier data


Case Studies

We have helped numerous organisations manage their supplier onboarding more effectively.

Read the following case studies to learn more. 

Our team assisted a global semiconductor company to onboard 100 suppliers per month. By outsourcing to us, we were able to:

Reduce supplier onboarding time by 5 days

Save client 20 hours per week

Identify and confirm compliance red flags before engagement

Our team assisted a global auto manufacturer to screen 3,000 suppliers to identify sanctions issues. We provided our client with:

A single consolidated report with findings on all suppliers

Results in less than 3 weeks


Thought Leadership

We are experts in supplier onboarding and outsourcing. Read our new whitepaper "Managing the Compliance Burden", which provides survey results from 200 professionals on outsourcing onboarding activities. 

Over the last year, we surveyed over 200 professionals to identify how they are using outsourcing to optimise their onboarding process.

Our new whitepaper provides:

Survey results on outsourcing onboarding, screening and other tasks

Information on benefits of outsourcing

Best practices on outsourcing supplier and third party onboarding


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