Manage across your supply chain

Traditional procurement processes do not consider ethics, integrity and compliance risks in the supplier evaluation process, and that puts your organisation at significant risk. We recommend a comprehensive evaluation of risks that look across all 23 risk areas that could impact your business.

The Red Flag Group® has identified 23 risk areas that should be part of every compliance risk management assessment. Organisations should consider the business impact of these risks when engaging a supplier to protect themselves from ethics, compliance and integrity risks.


Get to know the 23 Risk Areas


Anti-Trust & Corruption

These risks are regulated by laws across the globe and largely cover financial crimes committed by organizations and individuals.

  • Fraud, money laundering and financial irregularities
  • Export controls
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Serious and organised crime
  • Sanctions and exclusions


Employment, Safety & Reputation

Focused on risks related to fair working environments for third parties’ employees and conduct that could impact the reputation of downstream customers.

  • Modern-day slavery
  • Materials labelling and handling
  • Irresponsible marketing
  • Health and safety
  • Diversity
  • Employee rights


Cyber Security & Business Stability

The potential for harm over the mishandling of company, customer and product data can cause irreparable damage to an organisation.

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Business continuity
  • Personal information mishandling
  • Data security breaches


Environment & Governance

Organisations must ensure control and management of natural resources and potential environmental impact throughout their supply chain.

  • Sustainability
  • Product regulations
  • Illegal animal testing
  • Chemical usage
  • Emissions and waste monitoring
  • Environmental stewardship

Supplier Integrity® Key Benefits

Supplier Integrity® is a dedicated risk management system that allows you to assess potential suppliers for compliance, integrity and reputational risks; know when to walk away and when to run. The onboarding process provides a comprehensive audit trail of steps taken to identify, assess and remediate any concerns, giving you the comfort of proof-of-process and a defensible position should anything go wrong.



Insight across the 23 risk areas

Supplier Integrity® has our proprietary Risk Analyser built in, which displays an individualised risk assessment across the 23 risk areas for each supplier. The risk score allows the assignment of suppliers to risk tiers, and supports a risk based onboarding program for assessing compliance and integrity risks.

The risk score will drive the dynamic onboarding workflow, ensuring consistent application across your supply chain that is relevant to the risk of a supplier. 

Click here for a free whitepaper explaining the 23 risk areas.


Risk Assessment

  • No supplier assessments are missed with seamless procurement and ERP integration options
  • Initial risk screening results using our Integra Watch® | Compliance Screening database
  • An upfront risk assessment rating to quickly identify the specific risks posed by your existing supply chain and alerts to those responsible for the supplier evaluation process
  • An understanding of the risk issues prior to new supplier engagement




Initial Screening and Management

  • A multi-factor risk scoring methodology tailored to your individual risk tolerance and specific focus areas
  • Pre-built risk review workflows and the ability to incorporate your existing processes via easy configurations
  • A reduced risk via review workflows that adapt to changes in risk level, identify the potential for risk exposure, and enable you to address them proactively
  • A reduction in manual processes through guided task management and automated remediation steps
  • Tailored remediation actions to ensure you not only identify the potential for risk exposure but address them pro-actively
  • Easy engagement for all stakeholders through a single risk review workflow
  • Dedicated access portals for suppliers, external evaluation providers and internal process owners ensuring a single system of record