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With multiple functional groups, such as procurement, CSR, product development and marketing independently interacting with each supplier, it is a challenge to maintain transparency throughout stakeholder network.

Our experienced advisory team recommends methods for addressing each issue with your suppliers. We apply our unique set of advice, technology and business intelligence applications to help our clients manage their integrity and compliance risks.


Get to know Supplier Integrity®

Protecting your organisation from integrity and compliance risks brought on by using the wrong suppliers can be difficult and expensive. Supplier Integrity® from The Red Flag Group® is an innovative supply chain ethics, integrity and compliance risk management solution that streamlines the onboarding process and continually monitors for new risks.

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Charting the Technological and Strategic Transformation of the Procurement Department

The rising tide of procurement's influence continues to elevate the role of the CPO to that of a co-architect of overall business strategy, taking part in consultative relationships with their peers. As C-Suite leadership recognizes just how valuable the savings and efficiencies procurement provides for helping capture and demonstrate value to the business, their desire to collaborate also goes up significantly.

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Get to know the 23 key risk areas

Companies are held responsible for their own integrity and ethics, but also for acts of their third parties. Suppliers, distributors, resellers and other third parties pose significant integrity and compliance risks that need to be managed by every company to avoid significant fines and reputational damage.

The Red Flag Group® has created an in-depth guide to understanding each of the 23 risk areas and the impact they can have on your business. 

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Is your supply chain risk management programme just a one-trick pony?

Have you looked back at how much time and money has been spent by your organisation chasing the ‘risk of the month’?

Most organisations have some form of supplier risk assessment or risk review process. You may be in the process of examining or building your programme now. But ask yourself, how much of that programme is built around a single regulation or handful of issues noted in your code of conduct? (continue reading article here...)


Supplier Integrity information sheet

On the go and want to learn more about how Supplier Integrity® can give you visibility into the compliance and integrity risk within your supply chain? Download the Supplier Integrity® information brochure here.